Emily Dickinson, ”Un chip are farmec – Charm invests a face”

Emily Dickinson, ”Un chip are farmec – Charm invests a face”

Un chip are farmec
Doar întrezărit:
Doamna nu-și scoate voalul,
De teama de-a nu-l risipi.
Fără de voal, un chip
Poate vrăji ori nu:
Dorința poate pieri,
Când chipu-i de aproape văzut.

-traducere de Catalina Franco-

A Charm invests a face
Imperfectly beheld—
The Lady date not lift her Veil
For fear it be dispelled—
But peers beyond her mesh—
And wishes—and denies—
Lest Interview—annul a want
That Image—satisfies—
„A Charm Invests A Face” refers to Dickinson looking in a mirror with her face covered with a veil. She doesn’t want to lift it or her wanted beauty (or spell) might disappear. Some see this as a metaphor for anything which is beautiful in appearance but underneith it is ugly. So we dare not try to look too close.”

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